07 Jan - 2022
Product management update! 

We have three NEW tutorials for the Product Manager explaining how to: Match records, Match fields and Request a new brand, Classification or VAT Code & Adjusting the translation table.

The tutorials are incorporated in the how-to guides:

As individual tutorials they are also available on YouTube:

We hope they provide you with lot's of clarity. If you have any comments or questions please let us know by sending email to support@onetrail.com 

22 Sept - 2021 
Onetrail new feature update

1. We start a customer panel for Proof of delivery, we would be delighted for you to join!

2. We create a business case for Supplier performance dashboard.

Read the news post for the full update https://lnkd.in/dWyvfgKT

20 Sept - 2021
New Onetrail documentation

The new online library with all our technical information is available https://lnkd.in/dwd_PbqW

Enjoy the structured info of our services and get the most out of your Onetrail connection.

May - 2021
1WorldSync, additional brand logos and two new marketing data modules; ECCN and Energy labels

Last year CNET Content Solutions has been acquired by 1WorldSync.
This acquisition has no effect on our services. Nothing will change in the operational day-to-day business regarding the marketing data you receive from us.

We will change the product name into 1WorldSync Content Solutions in our products and services. For more information on the acquisition we refer to this publication: 1WorldSync Completes Acquisition of CNET Content Solutions  

Next to this we introduce an extension to the basic data delivery and two additional marketing data modules.

Additional brand logos

We’ve made an extension to the 1WorldSync Content Solutions Marketing Data delivery by adding brand logo's. This gives you the opportunity to add logos of the brands your selling to your web shop or website.

The logos are available with the other images in the XML and have the Image type: Brand logo.

If you don’t want these logos to be displayed with the product content, you can filter on image type Brand logo. You can also use this image type to collect the logos for your brands and display the logos on your web shop or website.

The brand logos will be available starting from Monday, May 31st. On this date you will receive a full 1WorldSync Content Solutions Marketing Data output.

Two new marketing data modules; ECCN and Energy labels 

We can offer you a new marketing data module with Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN). ECCN's are used to identify items which may be subject to export control.

Energy Labels
Next to ECCN's we can also offer you a second new marketing data module providing the right energy labels to display with your products.

In March 2021, the ranking of energy labels changed significantly and energy labels are mandatory for more and more products. From March 2021, the new energy labels are mandatory for:

  • Dishwashers

  • Washing machines and washer dryer combinations

  • Fridge-freezers (including wine coolers)

  • Displays (including televisions)

Lamps will be added from September 2021. The intention is that almost all other product groups will follow by 2025. More info on energy labels (Dutch only).

Want to know more?
If you are interested in these new modules, please contact your account manager or our sales team at sales@onetrail.com.

Sprint review: 12-5-2021

The recording of the Sprint Review, May 12th is available.

The tickets in this Sprint Review are:

  • My Onetrail - Service levels by month for Product Exchange and APPS and services

  • My Onetrail - Invite wizard update on user roles

11 March - 2021
Service level dashboard month selector now available for all services

In the last Sprint Review you can see the month selector being available now also for Product Exchange, applications and services.
This feature is going to be releases to production soon, stay tuned......

Save changes for Order Manager

Users who have applied changes to their order status, had the risk of losing the changes when using the back button. This is protected now by a popup asking the user to stay on the page or continue.

New Product Introduction: SLA Dashboard available

December, 2020, the Service Level Agreement Dashboard will be available for all connected buyers.
The dashboard shows the service levels of the last 30 days and is available for Product Exchange, Order Exchange, services and applications.
As a buyer you can access the dashboard via the reporting tab in My Onetrail.

There is one user story left in the product backlog, it covers the possibility to show the SLA for the previous calendar months.

Product Update: My Onetrail password expiration

In the coming month we will enable the password expiration for user accounts for My Onetrail (TPN-Portal).
This could not done before, because the service user accounts will also expire, and that might cause you're services not to work after the password expires.
Therefor, we've developed a notification schema for the service accounts, which is currently been tested. 

Service accounts are used by applications to execute services, like submitting orders and inquire real time price and availability. 
So, no real users are involved that can change a password.
The functionality warns the service user AND the company administrator if the password is about to expire by email. 
This starts 1 month in advance, and is repeated on weekly bases and daily during the last week.